Mysteries, Myths and Merriment with TheEoNProject

A podcast discussing all manner of topics related to mysterious events, lost history, conspiracies, bathroom habits, manners, trivia and other whatnots.

TheEoNProject Episode 8

July 13th, 2017

In episode 8 of TheEoNProject Mike & Jay beautifully and skillfully combine various aspects of the paranormal and alcohol consumption.  Do demons take over our bodies when we become inebriated?  Do ghosts and spirits become attracted to various drinking establishments?  Will Mike & Jay become so intoxicated during the show that they become unable to perform even the simplest tasks?  Join Mike & Jay as well as bourbon connoiseur Jake as they discuss all things paranormal and alcholol related.  The shenaningans continue in a most influential way.  This a ghostly journey never before undertaken.  The truth exists, believe it!